Amber Tarcha

Amber Tarcha found her passion in 2007, in Buenos Aires, Argentina! To her surprise it was pole dancing!

She took a class at the Mariana Lagarreta Pole Dance Studio, then continued for three months to study the art, falling in love with the body-awareness and empowerment that pole dancing provided.Continuing to improve her skills back home in Austin, she discovered Blue Lapis Light which introduced her to a new aerial apparatus called silks. After a year of studying at Blue Lapis, she auditioned and became a dancer/choreographer for the company. Her first performance was in the June 2009 show, “Impermanence”. In 2010, with the encouragement and support of her friends and family, she started her own business teaching the fitness benefits and art of Pole Dancing. Amber’s ultimate goal is to be an example and leader in promoting pole/aerial dancing as a respected, professional sport and dance form. She feels incredibly blessed to be able to live out her passion!

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