How We Work

  • A concept and spiritual vision for each work guides all on-site collaborations. The artistic direction takes shape through dreams and meditations.

    Each site is integral to the development of every production and informs what is possible or not possible. Technical collaborators assess locations to determine rigging, lighting and sound design.

    Apparatuses are engineered for the dancers to rehearse and generate choreography. Before dress rehearsals, light and sound equipment are installed, and one week prior to performances technical rehearsals begin.

    Simultaneously, we consider audience viewing and accommodations, including seating, concessions, ticketing, facilities and volunteer coordination.

    As the vision unfolds, elements merge to reveal a synergistic whole. Our prayer for beauty and harmony in the world awakens.

    What It Takes to Flourish

    Unlike dance prepared for the stage, each of BLL’s distinctive productions is created in collaboration with the performance site. The challenge and beauty of creating site-specific works is finding unique artistic and logistic solutions for each space we work in.

    It takes the following to create a “typical” 45 minute BLL performance:

    • Months (or years!) choosing a site and gaining permission to use it.
    • Consulting months in advance with Riggers to determine how to turn the artistic vision into reality.
    • Consulting months in advance with various City departments about road/water closures, fencing off seating areas, parking, law enforcement, etc. during rehearsals and performances.
    • Installing rigging on site up to two months in advance.
    • Bringing in everything to make a site habitable for performers and audiences- portable restrooms, storage, heat/ac, generators, seating, trash receptacles and more!
    • 4-6 weeks of rehearsals on-site with all Riggers and Performers

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