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The Studio

Thanks to our beloved community, the Blue Lapis studio expands to meet the needs of its dancers, students, friends, and family.  While we were at the Carver Museum, mirrors and sprung floors arrived at Old Manchaca. We had a wonderful

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A Letter From Sally

Allowing the sacred to unfold in our lives opens us to phenomenal possibilities and often unites us with kindred souls. With love, learning, understanding and knowledge, each of our paths winds forward, sometimes intertwining with others, sometimes separating to take a new direction.

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Love's Prayer 300x247

The Road So Far…

This fall has been quite an adventure for us and we are so grateful for your continued support. As 2013 comes to an end we wanted to recap some of the highlights from this fall.

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Love’s Prayer

Our upcoming performance on 816 Congress, entitled Love’s Prayer, was inspired by the desire to create a dance with the intention of every movement, gesture and breath pouring love and beauty into the world.

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