Love’s Prayer

Our upcoming performance on 816 Congress, entitled Love’s Prayer, was inspired by the desire to create a dance with the intention of every movement, gesture and breath pouring love and beauty into the world. We hear the voices of Chaos and Fear constantly, either from within ourselves or the media. Instead of feeding those Fears, we can choose to feed Love. Love evokes our connection to one another, the planet’s wonders and inspires possibilities for global co-operation.

Large buildings are already epic in scope, and when combined with suspended dancers performing aerial movements with balletic grace, athleticism and extraordinary technique, the combination evokes a range of responses. At the heart, what Blue Lapis Light creates is not about sensationalism, but about creating beauty. Just as when a flock of birds fly over, you look up and are amazed at their formations, and the way they move in and out of each other with harmonious ease.

Working with the dancers on a new building is always a collaborative process. We experiment and try different movement phrases, creating choreography that heightens the vision of the work. We then collaborate further with the sound score and lights to create the vision.

I am privileged to work on this piece with incredible collaborators, dancers and technical crews. In my next blog entry, I plan to go into more detail about how we integrate all of the aspects of our performances.

For now, we ask all of you to find time to offer your prayer for pouring LOVE into the world, or join us in ours:

Love’s Prayer

In this moment fill your heart with light,
Feel LOVE flow out of you into the world
And to All we share this planet with.

With Love,
Sally Jacques

*Love’s Prayer will be performed as a part of the Congress Avenue Holiday Stroll on Saturday, December 7th, 2013. Performances are free and take place at 7:40pm and 8:25pm.