The Studio

Thanks to our beloved community, the Blue Lapis studio expands to meet the needs of its dancers, students, friends, and family.  While we were at the Carver Museum, mirrors and sprung floors arrived at Old Manchaca.

We had a wonderful student showcase at the Carver Museum, January 7 & 8 where the Blue Lapis students performed at the theater for friends and family.  With 16 aerial dances, we prepared for weeks culminating in an amazing show.  The show is as amazing as the people in it.  Thank you to the incredible crew, students, and audience for making Within & Beyond an event to remember.

When the students come back to classes, January 25, they are coming back to a studio with 18ft mirrors in both rooms and a sprung dance floor.  We can now offer dance classes like ballet and modern and deepen our aerial artistry with added dimension and clarity.  Thank you to our friends in flight and to the remarkable craftsmen whose contributions are making a beautiful Blue Lapis Studio.  We love you!